Online Casino Games - No Downloads

Technology has evolved over time and so has brainchildren that came with the age of the internet. One of them is the concept of online gaming that first set foot on the internet at around 1994. Back then, a small start-up company known as the present-day Microgaming made millions of dollars on the Blackjack game. You can imagine that the version released then was pretty basic and doesn't look like what we have today. Back then, all games you needed to play were supposed to be downloaded as they came in set-up packages. Considering low internet speeds back then, you can be sure that iGaming want a walk in the park. Downloading a few MBS of data certainly consumed loads of time and eating into the meaningful time that could have been spent playing the game. Read more about the history of iGaming at

No more Downloads for your Online Games

As time moved, there have been tremendous improvements in quite a number of areas, more so in iGaming. For instance, you now don't need to download any game setups from casinos when you want to enjoy some iGaming experience. All you need is to create an account, have it verified and you are good to go. This of course came with a number of advantages to most players. For instance, you don't have to spend hours waiting for downloads to get completed. Additionally, you also don't have to waste precious space on your hard disk storing games. Indeed, some games previously took up quite a noticeable amount of memory and space in your PC, rendering it slower than usual. For this reason, players just love the fact that they don't have to download games. Click to read more.

  • No downtimes
  • High-Quality HD video game streaming

Previously, when one had to download a setup, there were a lot of associated challenges that players would encounter. For instance, you would download an average set up spanning about 3.5 Gigabytes of data. Somehow, computer malware would eat up some of the files midway, more so if your computer lacked an Antivirus program. Sometimes, during gameplay, the computer would crash due to the high technical aspects the game required from the computer. As such, with these games, downtimes were an order of the day, making players have a very rough time. Indeed, installing and running some games required some technical knowhow. It was therefore common to find players stuck with their setups and thus more extended downtimes. No player would certainly want to get back there by all mean! Further, let's look at the technical needs of the No Download games era.

With the new casino games that didn't need you to download endless setups, there also came some need for improved internet iGaming facilities. For instance, you now can play a game using your internet browsers. Different browsers give different experiences when it comes to iGaming. Indeed, some will be highly efficient and will offer a wholly thrilling experience. Others will be awful and in some instances slow down your computer. Most slots will come with technical specifications that indicate the most appropriate browser for them. Indeed, keeping your browser update can always save you a lot of trouble with online games. You can allow it update automatically every time the developer releases a new version. That way, your iGaming will not be interrupted at any time. You also might need to avoid clicking random pop up messages on your browser as they could be malware that later would stop your game.

Over the years, online slots that no longer need any downloads have become a household name. Indeed, this has partially been made possible by the flash player plugging. This plugin was developed by Adobe and has been instrumental in making sure that you enjoy your games with little or no downtimes. In fact, with a stable internet connection, your experience here will be seamless. After quite a long time of making our lives happier, Google and major internet developers are now weighing on doing away with the flash player altogether. Whether this will have an effect on how we play online games, players can only sit back and watch. All in all, we can only look forward to more games, more slots, or even live casino games and absolutely no downloads at all. Best wishes in your iGaming escapades!